Smart World, Cybermatics and Cyber Science


---Cyber Subject and Cyber-enabled Interdiscipline

We believe that the frontier information science are basically characterized by not only catching up with the human intelligence (e.g. intelligent sensing, making decision and control, etc), but also learn much from the nature-inspired attributes (e.g., dynamics, self-adaptability, energy saving). Among such research areas, a newly-emerged interdisciplinary, Cybermatics (i.e., cyber technology) as we called here, includes three main aspects: Internet of Things (IoT), cyber, physical and social computing, and green computing and communications.

World Cybermatics Congress (WCC):

Cybermatics 2017, Exeter, UK:

Cybermatics 2016, Chengdu, China:

Cybermatics 2015, Sydney, Australia:

Cybermatics 2014, Taipei, Taiwan:

Cybermatics 2013, Beijing, China:

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Smart World

---Cyber-Physicial-Social-Thinking Hyperworld

With the rapid progresses of information science and technology, novel disciplinary fields have emerged, such as Mobile Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical System (CPS), Social Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Brain Informatics, and Internet of People (IoP), etc. Their research and application have being speeded up the formation of cyber space, which will further lead to a subversive change for information science development as well as human production and living. The development of these technologies directly contribute to the deep convergence between the new cyber space and the traditional ones including physical, social and thinking spaces towards a quaternionic convergent space, the Cyber-Physical-Social-Thinking Hyperspace, on which a Smart World are being created.

Smart World Congress:

Smart World Congress 2017, San Francisco, USA:

Smart World Congress 2016, Toulous, France:

Smart World Congress 2015, Beijing, China:

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Cyber Science

---Cyber and Cyber-enabled Science and Technology

Aiming to explore a novel science and technology framework for the Cyber subject and Cyber-enabled interdiscipline. Particularly, a cyber-physical-social-thinking (CPST) hyperspace is established by involving an attractive concept of the Internet of Thinking (IoTk), which is Brain abstracted, and a science and technology framework is accordingly need to proposed referring to both scientific aspect (i.e., cyber-physical, social, and noetic sciences) and technological aspect (i.e., fundamental, physical, cyber, and social technologies).

Cyber Science and Technology Congress:

CyberSciTech 2017, Florida, USA:

CyberSciTech 2016, New Zealand:

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