2018 Cyberspace Forum Keynotes

June 28-29, Beijing, China

Forum Keynote
Keynote Speaker:
Arshad Ali

Punjab University, Pakistan


        Dr. Arshad Ali obtained his B.Sc (Maths & Physics) and M.Sc (Applied Mathematics) degrees from Punjab University, Pakistan. He then joined R & D sector in Pakistan. He obtained his M.S (Information Security) degree with distinction from National University of Sciences & Technology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He obtained his PhD in Information Security from ISG, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Dr. Arshad Ali has a vast experience of R & D and teaching in the field of Information Security. He has also contributed many technical and research papers in the field of information security, which have been published in proceedings of various international conferences and journals. His current research area is design, analysis, implementation, and testing of secure information systems.


Title:  Oppel-1: A New Block Cipher


        The information whether in motion or at rest in various information systems of the cyber space is safeguarded by using cryptographic primitives. There are two main types of cryptographic primitives known as block and stream ciphers, which differ mainly in the core information processing mechanisms. In this talk we discuss various design and security features of the block cipher known as Oppel-1. The Oppel-1 design features are discussed to establish justification for existence of various components of the algorithm and explore their starring role in uniform dispersion of the impacts of avalanche affect to achieve the desired properties of confusion and diffusion in the output sequences of Oppel-1. The security features include assessing algorithmic strength against some well-known techniques of cryptanalysis, such as, distinguishing attacks, trade-off attacks, linear cryptanalysis, differential cryptanalysis and algebraic cryptanalysis. In this connection, a number of open problems with reference to Oppel-1 are also discussed.


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